Deconstruction; cover up

Deconstruction; cover up



420x360x500 mm, irreg.


Material used

Scantlings, Oil stain, Fire


There are quite a few symbols of the Japanese Empire, which include symbols of racism and imperialism, in many industries not only in Japan but also around the world. To criticize these phenomena, I expressed them in my sculpture. The form of stacking wood without being calculated can be seen as an act of casually stacking the remnants of imperialism. They appear to be stacked in an unstable form. To cover this residue, the Japanese government's historical distortion was expressed as painting the wood, and distortions that would have been hidden forever when dismantled with fire gradually appear in the form of a 'Rising Sun Flag'. The shape that may look beautiful from a distance expresses the perspective of Western countries, and the rising sun flag is shown when it gets closer, showing the pain of East Asia.