Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect


1,300x1,500x2,000 mm


Material used

Wood, Aluminium, Butterfly nuts, Speakers, Arduino, Pully, Acrylic, Evangelion-00 figure, Evangelion-02 figure, Flashlight, Steel angle


Butterfly nuts express expectations for the ripple of the butterfly effect, which begins with a small wave. The revolution of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ is a project to eliminate the ‘Rising Sun Flag’, a symbol of imperialism. It was inspired by the first work of Gentileschi's ‘Judith Beheading Holofernes’. Korean Japanese Military Sexual Slavery history creates a context like Gentileschi’s past in a black comedy, demonstrating her dynamic and determined mindset through the action figures. The music from the speaker pays homage to Fred Again’s ‘We've Lost Dancing’ the background music for the last scene of "Triangle of Sadness." It expresses that complex emotions will coexist as people change the world through the sound of music with excitement and anxiety like the main characters.